Their Royal Majesties - Sir Fafnir & Dame Anne

The Kingdom of Umbria is located in Arizona. We have an exceptional group of artisans who always amaze us with their ability to do phenomenal work that range from bardics, paintings, cooking, brewing, archery. We also have fierce combatants who are truly a sight on any field.

We have members in Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, and places in between. If your interested in speaking with members in your city, contact the Kingdom Hospitaler for contact information. We welcome you to attend our monthly tournaments and practices in Phoenix and Tempe, or any of our events listed on our home and event pages.

We are a Chapter of the Adrian Empire, a nation-wide 501c3 Educational non-profit corporation, dedicated to recreating the skills and activities of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Out of the ashes of the Kingdom of Pembroke like a new phoenix being born,
a lions roar can be heard across the deserts of Arizona. Reborn is the Duchy of Umbria,
starting fresh with a small core of about 20 people; devoted to making the duchy a place people could enjoy themselves once again while recreating the Middle Ages. Over the years the duchy grew, in September 1998 it once again was recognized as a Kingdom. Umbria has slowly made a name for itself with the support of a diverse, strong-willed, tenacious group of people wanting to create a better Umbria for all to enjoy.
Umbria has shown time and time again its prowess on the field of Combat.
Just say the words Banner War or National Steel Tourney and Umbria is in
the forefront. Umbrian Fighters are zealous in their fighting and devoted
to their discipline. Umbrian's have the privilege of being surrounded by true
artistic talent. We have an exceptional group of artisans who always amaze
us with their ability to do phenomenal work that range from bardics that
are over 400 lines long (delivered flawlessly by pure memorization), to paintings
that take your breath away. The artisans with skill in the kitchen serve
the food, from fantastic desserts to a scrumptious bread pudding. Those with
the knack to create a mean mead or a tongue-tantalizing cordial are Umbrian
treasures. Archery has been firmly established in Umbria with the help of
a few people who are truly giving of their time and talent, helping others
to become better.
    (Dame Circe-Skye O'Malley, 2003)

Kingdom Of Umbria

If you have questions or need further information, please contact us using the contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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